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fish out of water 2019 Dir Ina Morken, DOP Elias Nader

Stills by Georgia Middlemiss & Chester Briscall-Harvey

Inspired by Ron Anderson's iconic wides, Yorgos Lanthimos succinct dialogue and my own spectacular despair, this experimental drama parallels the vain efforts of a father (Amir Tabrizi) and son (Murid Laly) to address their interpersonal issues and disconnection, with a failure to address wider problems at hand. 

A background of experience with absurd theatre and production design sets the scene for this directorial debut, which in its discomfort seeks to explore our ability to ignore and normalise increasingly pressing and dysfunctional situations.

Visual metaphors have been more subtle teehee.  


Fish and fish guts was supplied by the wonderful people at Eddie's Seafood Market and the realisation of trash mountains as well as set details by Ina Morken, Su Smee and Catherine Shaw, smashed chairs by Martha Hay.

Television animations animated by Matilda Nelson and Ina Morken. 

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