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Flit Dir Jack Allen 2019

Jack Allen's fantastic sci-fi-comedy follows Carl, a world-renowned Fly Killing Expert, as he encounters his worst nightmare: a fly that refuses to die. 


Do flies have windows or is everything a door? Would a fly utopian society be one of commercial capitalism, would there be such a thing as billboards for, perhaps, Eau d'toilette? Are there any circumstances at all that would justify flies needing to drive tiny fly cars on tiny fly roads?

These were some of the hard-hitting existential questions the production design of Flit raised. With a glue gun and a lot of ambition, we turned our basement classroom into Carl's weird and wonderful laboratory, and old cardboard boxes to a fly civilisation. 

Collaborating closely with the great mind of Jack Allen, this project involved, among many things; photoshopping newspaper clippings, constructing flawlessly engineered contraptions such as the Fly Alarm, foraging for various sciencey things for the lab, adventuring in to Edinburgh University's chemistry department and somehow negotiating borrowing equipment for set design, and managing a small but serious art department team.

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