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Mad Bint Dir Georgia Middlemiss, 2020

Stills from film & by MONIKA NAVICKAITE

Georgia Middlemiss's Mad Bint (played by Camilla Anvar) is a twenty-something-year-old artist in the midst of a creative crisis that is just the tip of the emotionally charged iceberg preventing her from finishing her 2-foot by 2-foot clay vagina. Kept company only by the warm maternal voice of Ms. Suze (from the Wiccan agony aunt of radio call-in show, Ms Suze's Ps and Qs') and the women who call for advice, blessings, forgiveness, relief, she avoids coping with the heartbreak and rage that's been seething in her. Mad Bint's emotional paralysis is oppressive in her waking life, but as she dreams, she's forced to confront the pain she's succumbed to, and realise the full extent of her grief. 

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