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Hanlong Soymilk Shop 2021 Dir Ina Morken

Since the popularisation of soymilk and Shandong-style breakfast food in the 1950s, the Taiwanese breakfast shop has become a ubiquitous cornerstone of Taiwanese society. Feeding an increasingly fast-paced and modernising society, these shops serve various combinations of eggs, dough and soymilk to all walks of Taiwanese life. They are one of my favourite things in the whole wide world. 

Hanlong Soymilk Shop opens from 2 am to 2 pm every day, and is run by 72 year old Zhu Xiuyun. Located in Muzha, one of Taipei's older districts, this landmark shop has offered its traditional breakfasts to customers for over four decades. I wanted to share and celebrate Xiuyun's world, giving an observational glimpse of this relic and its closely intertwined relationship with Taipei's past, present and future.

good morning from Taipei Photo series Spring 2021, Nikon FM10

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